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Ferry to Anambas

If you've decided to go to Amazing Anambas and you're ready to take the plunge, but you're not quite sure how to get to Anambas, then read on.

There are two ferry operators that go to Anambas, from Pulau Bintan and from Pulau Batam. Both take about 7-9 hours, with the ferry from Batam typically arriving a few hours faster.

Both ferry routes are by way of Letung, which is located in Pulau Jemaja and then, after about a 30 minute lay-over, the ferry proceeds to Pulau Siantan, Tarempa, Anambas' capital, being the final destination.

By the way, upon arriving at the ferry terminal in Tarempa, just make your way to Hang Tuah, the town's main road and turn left. Tarempak Beach is about 10 minutes away from the ferry terminal.

One thing to keep in mind is that when you take the ferry to Anambas, you may well encounter service interruptions, due to sea and/or weather. However, typically, the April to September season is usually calm and fair. Rougher conditions are more the norm during the monsoon months, December to February.

For more details on the ferry to Anambas, click "Ferry to Anambas"

Lastly, if you prefer getting to Anambas quickly, i.e. in an hour or so, then take the flight.


Book your hotel or resort room online now and save up to 50%!