If your time is restricted and you just want to get to Anambas quickly, without taking the scenic route (read: taking the ferry) then there's the option to take the airplane.

Anambas plane disembarking
Anambas plane disembarking

The plane to Anambas departs from Bintan Island and reaches Anambas in about an hour or so. You can get to Bintan by ferry from Singapore, or by domestic flight if you're in Jakarta, Indonesia. Both inbound journeys to Bintan from Singapore and Jakarta, take about 1.5-2 hours or so altogether.

The plane to Anambas is a modestly-sized propeller aircraft with limited passenger capacity. As such, booking your tickets early is recommended.

Do keep in mind also that maximum baggage allowance is nowhere near 20 kg per passenger common for international flights, so best travel fairly light when going to Anambas. That said, just for information, excess luggage fee is relatively affordable.

Next stop: Anambas Paradise!
Next stop: Anambas Paradise!

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Must-See Anambas Islands

These paradise islands rank as the most popular in Anambas, ideal as they are for island-hopping, diving, snorkeling, kite/foil-boarding and for recreating an authentic Robinson Crusoe feel. Tip: Have a private beach BBQ, a unique once-a-lifetime experience.

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